Back in the days of old, here was a whisper of a woman so bitchy that everyone hated her.

Rebecca Martinson

Quotes Edit

"Well Well Well, the fat girls have arrived, I did that 3 times to honour the hogettes that got called out today by Jeff the now unemployed waiter at Chili Dee's. America, why be ashamed of your obesity? OWN IT! I'm sick of this PC bull patooty that namby, pamby wussies spew about diversity and non-judgment. Let's face it: we're not all created equal, nope; I'm short, you're fat, she is Black, he's Chinese THAT'S NOT RUDE IT'S FACT! What's so hard about that? Cant you handle the truth? Then STFU and get on a treadmill Honey Boo-boo."

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