Gordon Ramsey & Percy Foster side-by-side

Percy Foster was a dwarf porn star who resembled the famous ch

ef Gordon Ramsey.

"Percy Foster, star of X rated movie: Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's up your Arse we go was about to rocket to the ranks of celebrity porn look-a-likes due to his resemblance to Hell's Kitchen's host: Chef Gordon Ramsey when his partially eaten body was found in a badger's den,"
-Report from Jesse Cox on Cox N' Crendor in the Morning
It was originally thought to be a suicide but was later discovered that he had been killed by Dadger Ben, who is still on the loose.
"Percy was a little guy with big problems, he was doing well but was under pressure... *looks out window into the night* like everyone else in this goddamn industry *soft classical music, fade to black*"
-Dexter Yumunkha
"This dwarf was more of a man than Gordon Ramsey will ever be,"
-Sarah Simmons (Gordon Ramsey's Ex-Mistress)
First mentioned: Episode 13

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