Le Alchemist is a French indie film maker.

General Edit

Real Name: [UNKNOWN]

Aliases: Le Alchemist, The Alchemist

Relatives: [UNKNOWN]

Affiliations: [NONE]

Place of Residence: Scar City, Americle

Status Edit

Status: Alive

Identity: Secret

Citizenship: [UNKNOWN]

Marital Status: [UNKNOWN]

Occupation: Indie Filmmaker

Characteristics Edit

Gender: Male

Race: Human ([UNKNOWN])



Origin Edit

Origin: [UNKNOWN]

Universe: Earth

Place of Birth: Probably somewhere in France

About Edit

Le Alchemist is a mystery, a legend among indie movie makers. He conceals his identity by wearing a hooded cloak. Le Fean, Santa is widely regarded by his small niche hipster audience as his magnum opus.

History Edit

First and Final Words Edit

The only time he has public spoken was to SCR, he said "I make gold" and then disappeared just as suddenly has he had appeared. These words gave him is title. and showed his accent revealing him to be French.

Powers and Skills Edit

Powers Edit


Skills Edit

  • Master Writer and Story Teller
  • Master of Cinematography
  • Ambient Musical Genius
Power Grid
Intelligence X X X X X X X
Strength ?
Speed ?
Durability ?
Energy Projection ?
Fighting Skill ?

Paraphernalia Edit

Apparel Edit

  • Shimmering, Dark Purple Hooded Cloak

Trivia Edit

References Edit

First Appearance

10. Cox N' Crendor Beta: Tuesday, December 4th (#Not Really A Thing)

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