A Beard of Cox

The Ginger Beard

Jesse Cox is one of the two hosts the other being Crendor on Cox n' Crendor in the Morning. He is an out-of-job teacher turned out-of-job voice actor turned HERO on the internet. Jesse runs a YouTube channel simply called Jesse Cox.

General Edit

Real name: Jesse Cox Edit

Aliases: EpicManeuver, OMFGcata, MojoMaker Edit

Relatives: Jack and Susan Cox (parents), Amelia Cox (sister-in-law/wife) Edit

Affiliation: SCR Edit

Place of Residence: Scar City, Americle Edit

Status Edit

Status: Alive Edit


Occupation: Radio Talk Show Host Edit

Characteristics Edit

Gender: Male Edit

Race: Human (Caucasian) Edit

Eyes: Brown Edit

Hair: Ginger Edit

Origin Edit

Universe: Earth Edit

Place of Birth: Ohio, Americle Edit

Powers and Skills Edit

Skills Edit

Power Grid
Intelligence X X X X X
Strength X X X
Speed X
Durability X X X X X X
Energy Projection X
Fighting Skill X X X X X X X X X

Paraphernalia Edit

Weaponry: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jesse has an ever growing tombstone covered in his various quotes from over the years.

Gallery Edit

Alternate Universe Dolphin Jesse

Alternate Universe Dolphin Jesse

Alternate Universe Witch Jesse

Alternate Universe Witch Jesse

Alternate Universe Opera Jesse

Alternate Universe Opera Jesse

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