Grace j

Animated imagining of Grace.

Grace J is a fine class lady of high class and charisma that received fame for a Yelp review defending a Chilly D's employee named Jeff.

“Well, well, well the fat girls have arrived. I did that 3 times to honour the hogettes that got called out today by Jeff, the now unemployed waiter of Chilly D’s. You were the sacrificial lamb my friend, but don’t worry, you’ll have story to laugh about with your buddies [for] the rest of you PBR drinking life. America, why be ashamed of your obesity? Own it. I’m sick of this PC bull-patootie that namby-pamby wussies spew about diversity and non-judgement. It is human nature to judge; if we did not, we would all dress, talk and be the same. But let’s face it, we are not all created equal, nope. I’m short, you are fat, she is black, he is Chinese; that’s not rude its fact. What’s so wrong about that? Can you not handle the truth? Then STFU and get on the treadmill Honey Boo Boo; I don’t want to pay for your diabetes treatment. You cannot have it both ways; you cannot eat all the pancakes at Denny’s all you can eat dollar buffet and not expect the rest of the crowd, especially the underpaid wait staff, to diss you. Fact: Chilly D’s is a great place to eat and they treat everyone with the amount of respect they deserve.” -- Grace J (Chilly D's Yelp review)
“5 dollars for a dick cookie, you bet" -- Grace J (Hot Cookie Yelp review), 4 Stars
She is probably married to Jeff as she seems to be familiar with his Pabst Blue Ribbon drinking habits.

First mentioned: Episode 14

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