Originally aired: 19/11/2012

The inaugural episode of Cox N Crendor in the Morning. The boys introduce the new show briefly before presenting what is in essence a draft of the format they intend the show to take. The meat of the show begins with Crendor reading a Yahoo News article, rather than boys exchanging fun anecdotes and stories (which will become the norm in future episodes).

iTunes description Edit

We're testin' stuff out! Let us know what you think before we actually make this a real thing!

Show Segments Edit

Initial news story:Edit

  • Dating Advice Books with Bad Advice
    • Following episode of the podcast do not begin with an initial news story.

Weather: Edit

  • Berwick, Iowa

Sports: Edit

Traffic: Edit

  • There is a back up on the I-84
  • An accident occurred on Washerman and Electraville

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Walmart Black Friday TV deals kick off on Thanksgiving

Trivia Edit

  • At this point the Choppter Copter 7 was referred to as 'Traffic Copter 7"
  • The intro used at the beginning of the episode will go on to be edited and established as the official intro to the podcast

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