Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 28/11/2012

Inspired by Kim Jung-Un's sex appeal, the boys purchase horses so they to can be envied. Florida Man peeks his head for the first time and chemicals fail to be pronounced.

This episode inspired two Cox n' Crendor animations: "Acetaminophen" and "Thanks, Science"

iTunes description Edit

It's hump day! So of course we're talking about a naked guy in Florida. Also we discuss the benefits of drinking water! Spoiler: It keeps you alive!

Show Segments Edit

Traffic: Edit

  • Being a Wednesday, people are depressed. As a result traffic is moving very slowly
  • You can take a shortcut on the Royalalally Road road. No one knows how to pronounce it, so no one uses it.

Weather: Edit

  • Broomfield, Colorado

Sports: Edit

  • The Eagles lost again and they suck now.

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 6 Health Mistakes Smart People Make

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first time the boys cover a Florida based news article
  • Clip Clop is introduced in this episode
  • This episode was sponsored by Watertm
  • Related animated episodes: "Acetaminophen" and "Thanks, Science"
    Cox n' Crendor Acetaminophen02:17

    Cox n' Crendor Acetaminophen

    Cox n' Crendor Thanks, Science01:32

    Cox n' Crendor Thanks, Science

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