'Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 06/02/2013

Crendor eats fortune cookies. Jesse crosses the line with Smell Good Plumbing. The boys discuss Robot Jesus.

iTunes description Edit

ALOAP BE PRAISED! On this episode of Cox n' Crendor the guy discuss their old favorite from way back when "Mike Diamond" as well as update you on an important breaking news story, Then they proceed to offend everyone.

Show Segments Edit

Traffic: Edit

  • There is snow, wind, fire, rain, hail and sleet
  • Mrs Diamond's vagina can be smelt from the Choppter Copter
  • There are some waterfalls

Weather: Edit

Sports: Edit

  • There is going to be a New York Superbowl

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Another Survivalist Development in Idaho

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is sponsored by Snickers
  • First introduction of Aloap
  • Related animated episodes:
    • "Cox 'n' Crendor Animated - Krummel Monster", the first Daniel Tan (Cox n Crendor related) animation.
    • "Cox n' Crendor: Smell Good Plumbin"
      Cox 'n' Crendor Animated - Krummel Monster01:40

      Cox 'n' Crendor Animated - Krummel Monster

      Cox n' Crendor- Smell Good Plumbin03:18

      Cox n' Crendor- Smell Good Plumbin

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