Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 01/01/2013

It is the new year, so prepare yourself for when the bees return.

iTunes description Edit

Do you like Jimmy Buffet? You won't after this show! Also Jesse and Crendor make English and then proceed to tell you how NOT to get sold into sex slavery! It's a new year, with the same non content.

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Weather: Edit

  • Gunnison, Mississippi
  • "B Breezy" -- Boozy Groupie

Sports: Edit

  • The following teams have fired their coaches: the Arizona Cardinals, the Buffalo Bills, the Bears, the Cleveland Browns, the Chiefs, the Eagles and the Chargers.

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • 5 Phrases a Travelers Should Never Use.

Trivia Edit

  • Related animated episode: Cheeseburger in Florida
    Cox n' Crendor Cheeseburger in Florida01:51

    Cox n' Crendor Cheeseburger in Florida

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