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Synopsis Edit

Originally aired: 12/12/2012

Jesse is distraught over the fact that everything in Storage Wars is fake, including one of the main cast member's boobs. Crendor tells the story of his favourite English teacher.

iTunes description Edit

12/12/12 It's an important date. That's why we won't discuss it. Also we learn just enough about Crendor's past to understand his inability to pronounce simple words. Oh, and did someone say "science rules"?! Well...besides Bill Nye...

Show Segments Edit

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Weather: Edit

  • Milan, Italy
  • Owatonna, Minnesota
    • 20 inches of snow fell in 30 seconds in Minnesota

Sports: Edit

Big News Story of the Day: Edit

  • Most and Least Happy Careers

Trivia Edit

Cox n' Crendor Cox of the Orient01:09

Cox n' Crendor Cox of the Orient

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