Ditka bears

Ditka coachin de beears.

Ditka was born in Pittsburgh and later in life became the coach of the Chicago Beears and more recently the Scar City Butterflies he has coached the team to victory many times but is the only coach to have won gotten the team to win the super bowl. his favourite food is pawlish sesij. Coach Ditka salts the roads in Winter.

Coach Ditka was formed when RG-4, Greg Jennings and Jacoby Jones fused together into one being.

He owns a few restaurants in Scar City and they all only serve meatballs, meatball subs and Pawlish Sesij.

First mentioned: Episode 30

Ditka bringing the wonders of pawlish sesij to some natives of a far away land.

Powers Edit

  • Hands can turn into shovels
  • Repels snow

Skills Edit

  • Master coach

Paraphernalia Edit

  • Sunglasses

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