Choppter Copter 7 (AKA Traffic Copter 7 and Lucky Number 7) is a helicopter owned by SCR. It is frequently flown by Crendor but sometimes, if he can't be bothered, Crendor gets The Replacement Guy to fly it. The Choppter Copter has the ability to withstand extreme weather and has been to the top of Mount Everest.

Choppter Copter 7 is the seventh iteration of Choppter Copters, after 1 through 6 failed to reach the top of Mount Everest.

It has crashed many times.

It is a Chopper and Helicopter combined,much like the batmobile from the Dark Knight Trilogy but Crendor rarely uses the Chopper part; it has been used on only one occasion so far since the founding of SCR: Cox N' Crendor Beta: Wednesday November 21st.

Choppter Copter 7 has a lever called the Pelatron Switch which teleports jesse into the Choppter Copter and Crendor to where Jesse was.

Sometimes the Choppter Copter 7 engine cuts out and Crendor just has to restart it.

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