Cave Johnson Painting

Here is a portrait of Cave Johnson, done in his own home.

Cave Johnson is the head mailman in Scar City. Though often perceived as mysterious and shady, Cave Johnson delivers his brand of justice within 7-14 business days, and 2-3 if you're a prime member.

At first, Guy Hero and Cave Johnson disputed greatly as to how justice should be delivered (i.e. Should Sundays be included, is sushi a viable form of torture). Eventually they accepted each other's brand of justice in an event that most certainly changed the future of Scar City: The Coin Toss of the Millennium.

Cave Johnson is most noted in defeating Malerio Menga and bringing his evil reign to an end then personally delivering him to Hell.

Powers Edit

  • Travelling between planes of existence

Skills Edit

  • No mail will arrive late
  • Bringing justice to America

Paraphernalia Edit

  • Postman hat
  • Postman van


Quotes Edit


"I'll deliver you to Hell!"

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