General Edit

Real Name: Aloap

Aliases: Robot God, Robot Jesus

Relatives: Italian Government Robotics Division (creator)

Place of Residence: Paola, Calabria, Italy

Status Edit

Status: Deactivated and Destroyed

Characteristics Edit

Gender: [NONE]

Race: Robot

Origin Edit

Origin: Aloap was created by the Italian Government Robotics Division

Universe: Earth

Place of Birth: Paola, Calabria, Italy

History Edit

Birth and Death Edit

Aloap was the first robot ever to be created, it was made in Paola, Italy to calculate Italy's increasing debt to the Nazis however Aloap became self-aware and began taking control of the facility it was in until they had to collapse it on top of him destroying him because he became to dangerous.

The Legend Lives on Edit

To this day Robots worship Aloap as their god and the forerunner to their kind.

Powers and Skills Edit

Powers Edit


Skills Edit

  • Extremely fast processing speed
  • Able to comprehend concepts beyond human thought
Power Grid
Intelligence X X X X X X X X
Strength X
Speed X
Durability X X X
Energy Projection X X
Fighting Skill X

Trivia Edit

  • Football player and Robot RG-4 is a big follower of Aloap and often dedicates his big plays and touchdowns to him.

References Edit

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